Fernando León Family Reserve, the legacy of a passionate and admired cigar connoisseur

Fernando León

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The Fernando León Family Reserve line of our cigars is the legacy left by the father of the current president of La Aurora, Guillermo León, for all premium cigar lovers. This line includes everything, from the cigar he devised for himself and his family, to special cigars created from personal projects, such as the cultivation of specific wrappers.

Fernando León was running the show at La Aurora for almost half a century. He was a legend in Dominican cigar culture, both for his passion and his knowledge of tobacco. He also earned the respect and admiration of the growers of the Cibao Valley in the Dominican Republic.

The third son of La Aurora’s founder, Eduardo León Jimenes, was a great connoisseur of the tobacco business, with vast technical knowledge of tobacco harvesting. His tireless work and his ineffable passion inspired the tobacco growers who knew him. In 1961, he promoted the planting of Dominican wrapper leaves in Sabana del Puerto, south of Santiago de los Caballeros.

Fernando León Family Reserve cigars

Fernando León Family Reserve

Fernando León Legacy

The Fernando León Family Reserve cigar is a very special cigar, as its blend was made exclusively for Don Fernando, his family and close friends. Its wrapper is composed of tobaccos from the Cibao Valley (Dominican Republic), as well as its binder and filler, the latter also containing tobacco from Brazil.

With a strength of 7.5 out of 10, it offers notes of spice and cedar, with sweet aromas. It is available in four formats:

– Belicoso: 6 ¼” x 52

– Gran Toro: 6″ x 58

– Corona Gorda: 6″ x 47

– Founder’s Choice: 5 9/16″ x 42

– Robusto: 5″ x 50

La Aurora Family Reserve Fernando León Belicoso Limited Edition

Fernando León Belicoso

Moving forward, in 2021 we launched the La Aurora Family Reserve Fernando León Belicoso Limited Edition, an extremely limited production cigar with just 1,800 boxes worldwide. It was presented in July last year at the last Premium Cigar Association (PCA) convention for the US market, and 500 boxes were subsequently introduced in Europe.

After 13 years since Don Fernando’s last special project was conceptualised, this cigar became a reality in a blend of Peruvian, Brazilian, Nicaraguan and, of course, Dominican tobaccos from the Cibao Valley, united and balanced by an Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf binder and dressed with the incredibly special 13-year extra-aged Corojo wrapper.

Fernando Leon was noted for his passion for Corojo, and for his special projects with using Corojo as a wrapper leaf. Therefore, we consider this cigar as Don Fernando’s posthumous love letter to the cigar community and premium cigar lovers.

The smoke of Fernando Leon Belicoso Limited Edition (6 ¼” x 52) offers aromas of pepper and wood notes in the first third, while in the second third, the pepper notes are complemented by hints of coffee. In the final third evolves from peppery flavours to a citrus zest. It is presented in boxes of 15 units.

La Aurora Family Reserve Fernando León Legacy Lancero

Fernando León Legacy

We also created an exclusive lancero cigar in honour of Fernando León Asensio, who dedicated his life to Dominican tobacco since 1937. La Aurora Family Reserve Fernando León Legacy Lancero is made with an extra aged Corojo wrapper from the 2008 vintage, the last special project developed by Don Fernando at the Sabana del Puerto experimental plantation in Bonao.

Its format and wrapper reflect Don Fernando’s long legacy and virtues, which made valuable contributions to the cigar culture of the Dominican Republic. The lancero format is valued by cigar lovers around the world for its length and fineness, a reflection of excellent cigar-making skills.

Made with a blend of Dominican and Brazilian tobaccos, it offers notes of wood, cinnamon, and walnut with a citrus essence and a pinch of pepper to reflect the character of Fernando León. This is a limited edition cigar that is available on the Dominican market in boxes of ten.

La Aurora Fernando León 100 Aniversario

Fernando León 100 Años

Last but not least, most recently we launched La Aurora Fernando León 100 Aniversario. This is a limited edition cigar, with a production of 200 boxes which are sold exclusively in our factory store. With a medium to full strength, its smoke offers hints of cedar, cocoa and spice, mixed with citrus and sweet flavours. It is composed of Dominican Republic, Cuban and Nicaraguan tobaccos in the filler, a Dominican binder and wrapped in a Cameroon wrapper.

This cigar is a tribute to Don Fernando, commemorating his 100th anniversary. The Aurora Fernando León 100 Aniversario is a blend that represents the first design made for him, which goes back to his earliest tastes.

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