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Three key steps from tobacco leaf to cigar

The flavours that a cigar gives off when it’s lit and tasted depend on different factors [...]

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La Aurora 120th Anniversary, rated 95 points by ‘Cigar and Spirits’

La Aurora 120th Anniversary has received a 95-point rating from ‘Cigar and Spirits’ magazine. In its [...]

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La Aurora 120 Aniversario receives 91 points from Blind Man´s Puff

Our newly released La Aurora 120 Aniversario has received a score of 91 and a rating [...]

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La Aurora Cigar World

La Aurora Cigar World is a new concept in tobacco world which intends to form real experts in premium cigars.

The original cigar factory in Dominican Republic, opens its doors to show its treasured experience in handcrafting cigars since 1903:

  • For you to understand even the more insignificant detail of the complicated process of growing, curing, fermenting and manufacturing cigars, from the seedlings to the ashtray.
  • For  you raise your sensory skills to a taster level so you can get from your cigar flavors and aromas that were hidden for you till now.
  • For you to understand how a new blend is prepared and tasted and how a cigar is constructed, as they do, day by day, La Aurora professionals.
  • For you to have deeper knowledge about cigar and cigar world, so to increase your costumers confidence in your advice.

La Aurora Cigar World offers two products:

  • La Aurora Factory Tour
  • La Aurora Cigar Institute

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