La Aurora Factory Tour, a global tour of premium cigars


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Taking a tour of our factory is the perfect opportunity for premium cigar lovers to get a first-hand look at the entire cigar manufacturing process. But not only for cigar connoisseurs , non-smokers are also delighted with the tour of the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, as they let us know with comments and messages through different channels (social networks, TripAdvisor, email).


Located in the Zona Franca Tamboril, on the road from Santiago to Tamboril in Santiago de los Caballeros, our factory can be visited every day of the week (from 8 am to 3 pm), except on weekends. Although this is a free activity (for adults only), a reservation must be made in advance for the tour, which lasts approximately one hour.

During the tour, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history of the company – founded in 1903 – as well as how tobacco is harvested, collected and prepared (curing, pre-fermentation ageing, fermentation, de-stemming of the filler and ageing) until it comes into fruition as a cigar. As well as this, they will learn about types of tobacco that exist and how the leaves of a plant differ according to the foliar layer they are on. You can also see how cigars are rolled and shaped by our experienced cigar rollers.

The visits are guided by Eugenio Polanco, who has been carrying out this work for 33 years with the same passion, dedication and enthusiasm as on his first day. Everyone who visits us is blown away by his explanations, his vast knowledge and his great personality.

Eugenio Polanco

The La Aurora Factory Tour begins with a video about the 118 plus years of La Aurora and the history of tobacco. After the projection, visitors are taken an area similar to a museum in which the creation of a cigar is simulated, from the sowing of the seed to the formation of the final product.

Visitors are introduced to the world of tobacco preparation for premium cigars through videos and with real examples of the different processes like the seeds of the tobacco plant in various stages (newly sown, germinated and as seedlings ready to be taken to the field) and tobacco leaves simulating the drying of tobacco on the ranches and farms for curing.

Afterwards, we take visitors to the different parts of the factory including the rolling room which is one of the most admired parts of the factory by our guests. Here, they not only get to see the skill with which the master rollers make the cigars, but also have the opportunity to talk to them and exchange impressions.

La Aurora Factory Tour, first thing to do in Santiago de los Caballeros, according to TripAdvisor

A prime example of the success of La Aurora Cigar Factory Tour is that it ranks first in things to do in Santiago de los Caballeros on TripAdvisor. It also ranks fourth in a list of more than 80 monuments and points of interest in the Dominican Republic compiled by this website based on Tripadvisor’s reviews, ratings, photos and popularity index.

More specifically, the La Aurora factory tour gets a great score, with 91.5% of the reviews on this website rating La Aurora Cigars Factory as an excellent activity, followed by 6.6% of people who have rated this activity as very good. Overall, the rating given on this travel site to the La Aurora factory visit is the highest that can be achieved on this website, five points or ‘bubbles’.

“Fantastic experience”, “excellence”, “a great visit”, “a perfect place for cigar lovers”, “unique and very interesting place”, “culture made cigars”, “very good company and treatment of visitors” and “a piece of local history” are just some of the comments posted on TripAdvisor by people who have visited our factory.


“La Aurora Cigar factory is a global tour around a Premium cigar factory, from seed to packaging. Our visitors obtained in less than an hour a complete view of the intricate process of making a cigar and about the history of La Aurora, the original cigar factory in Dominican Republic, opened in 1903.”. This is how the visit to our factory is summarised on TripAdvisor.

In addition to visiting us to see the entire handmade cigar making process in person, you can learn about our business and the resulting products through our social media accounts: @laauroracigars, @laauroracigarus, @leonjimenescigars and @ronleonjimenes on Instagram; @LaAuroraCigars and @LaAuroraCigarUs on Twitter; La Aurora Cigar US on Facebook and our YouTube channel.

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