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La Aurora Factory Tour, a global tour of premium cigars

Taking a tour of our factory is the perfect opportunity for premium cigar lovers to [...]


Massive online master class for Italy by Manuel Inoa

Italian consumers—who are very passionate about our cigars—were very enthusiastic about the latest online master [...]


La Aurora Cigar Institute holds its first online courses

We wanted to continue our work, despite the difficulties arising from the situation we are [...]


Manuel Inoa’s virtual tour proceeds

Our master blender, Manuel Inoa, continues his virtual tour of different markets. The events via [...]

Virtual tour by Manuel Inoa

In face of adversity, we better gather our strength and move on. That is why, [...]

Transplanting the germinated tobacco seeds

As we have explained before, the first step towards the cigar is to sow the [...]

How to light a cigar

To fully enjoy a cigar, its lighting is also key. Our Brand Ambassador, Wascar Aracena, [...]

What is the panel of smokers?

The panel of smokers is a group of smoking experts that evaluate tobacco and cigars. [...]


The importance of airflow when smoking

The airflow of a cigar conditions the effort required to smoke it. As Willman Hernández, [...]