Soil and seed, decisive factors for cigar flavors

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We have created the Cigar Institute in our constant effort to disseminate knowledge about the world of tobacco to all those who want to learn. In this university of tobacco, we train students who undergo the various courses on all factors and processes that influence a cigar’s flavor. Also, we offer them the opportunity to create their own blend, according to their own tastes.

All of this is possible thanks to our experts, who impart all their knowledge on tobacco at our institution. But they also teach about everything that surrounds the world of premium cigars in the master classes and tasting activities they offer, both in the Dominican Republic and in the many countries where they share their knowledge.

Our master blender, Manuel Inoa, is one of the best experts when it comes to illustrating all about smoking Premium cigars. The video published with this article focuses on detailing how the different types of soil and the numerous types of seeds influence the cigar and its notes.

The soil is important because, depending on the nutrients it has, at the moment of harvesting the tobacco, it will provide very specific sensations and flavors, depending on the part of the world they come from. Likewise, the seed will offer different stimulations, distinct flavors and different sensations.

For example, different flavors are obtained from a very strong seed compared to tobacco from a highly aromatic seed, as highlighted by the master blender of La Aurora. You can learn it all in greater detail with Manuel Inoa’s explanations in the following video:

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