La Aurora awarded on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Free Zones 

Recognition to La Aurora

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On August 12 there was a ceremony celebrating the 50thanniversary of the implementation of the Free Trade Zones regime in the Dominican Republic. In this event, headed by President Danilo Medina, the Dominican Government acknowledged the leading companies, along with industry park operators and promotors of the field, which generate more than 375,000 direct and indirect jobs. 88 awards were given.

The Executive Director of the Consejo Nacional de Zonas Francas de Exportación (CNZFE or National Council of Free Zones of Exportation), Luisa Fernández, highlighted the field’s huge development and diversification, not only in terms of processes and sectors, but also export markets. “Today, the country has one of the most important free zone systems in the region, standing out in Latin America for its leadership in terms of job creation, number of businesses and exports.”

During her speech in the event, held in the Salón las Cariátides of the Palacio Nacional, Fernández ensured that Danilo Medina’s government will continue to pursue the expansion of the zones sector. She also acknowledged the importance of the public-private alliance for the field’s development and thanked the businessmen present for the confidence they have had in the business environment of the Dominican Republic.

“I thank all the men and women who work in the free zones and all those dedicated to defending, promoting and encouraging the field’s development,” said the Executive Director of the Consejo Nacional de Zonas Francas de Exportación, responsible for giving out the awards.

Leadership in the development and diversification of export markets

In the scope of this celebration, La Aurora Cigars was awarded for its leadership in the development and diversification of export markets in the Dominican Republic. We are proud to share this award because it allows to acknowledge the work of the entire La Aurora family, including the 1,848 employees who give their best so that our products arrive their destinations with premium quality category, every day.

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