La Aurora and Jacob & Co create a humidor with a watch and ten La Aurora 120th Anniversary LE

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In a groundbreaking union that marries exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and a commitment to perfection, Jacob & Co., the legendary luxury watch mason renowned for creating dream-like timepieces, and La Aurora, the Dominican Republic’s first handcrafted cigar manufacturer with a legacy spanning over 120 years, are delighted to announce their partnership.

Jacob & Co. has long been celebrated as a fearless pioneer in the realm of high watchmaking and high jewelry. With a belief that being different is the key to their success, Jacob & Co. perpetually challenges the norms, presenting designs and complications that redefine high watchmaking and high jewelry. Their risk-taking approach has turned seemingly “impossible” ideas into remarkable realities, as exemplified by their many collections.

The collaboration between these two brands is a testament to their shared pursuit of perfection and innovation, with a singular focus on redefining luxury. Their partnership revolves around a stunning timepiece from the Epic X Collection, showcasing a Rose Gold 44MM Case adorned with elements reminiscent of a cigar and prominently featuring the iconic La Aurora logo.

Guillermo León, President of La Aurora and 5th generation of the León family to work at La Aurora, expressed the organic nature of this partnership: “This brand collaboration has developed naturally from the origin stories of both brands. Both brands started with modest beginnings, but through perseverance, expertise, creativity, and integrity, we have sought to change the way the world interacts with seemingly common products and turn them into luxury goods. We’re excited about the incredible product that we are creating together.”

La Aurora, with a heritage of over a century, is equally celebrated for its dedication to the craft of hand-rolling cigars. La Aurora is now available across over 90 countries and 5 continents worldwide – fulfilling Guillermo León’s grandfather’s vision to craft a world-class cigar brand. As they celebrate their 120th anniversary, they proudly present La Aurora 120 Anniversary, a full Dominican puro blend wrapped in a beautiful Habana 92 seed leaf, released in July 2023. And to commemorate the exact date of La Aurora’s founding, the La Aurora 120 Anniversary Limited Edition was unveiled on October 3rd, 2023.

This exclusive cigar is designed to perfectly complement the watch created by Jacob & Co., which features the Preferidos no. 1 perfecto format, favored by La Aurora’s founder, Eduardo León Jimenes. As such, each watch will be sold with a custom humidor and ten La Aurora 120th Anniversary Limited Edition cigars.

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4 thoughts on “La Aurora and Jacob & Co create a humidor with a watch and ten La Aurora 120th Anniversary LE

  1. Todd says:


    I need help. I recently found hidden away in my local cigar shop (Bonita Smoke Shop), some La Aurora 1903 Corojo Preferidos. I bought a couple individual sticks to try from what the tabacconist thought to be the last partial box. I smoked them and loved them. I called to ask how many were left in this partial box. He told me that since I was last there, he found a full, unopened box hidden away! From 2009! I made a 40 minute trip to the store and we broke the seal together to inspect. Sure enough, a tag lay inside that read “cedar aging 06/08” and “packed 02/16/09” and “released 02/20/09”! I bought the box. I can find hardly any info online about this masterpiece. Can you shed some light? I know it is the “100 Amos blend” but I would like to know more. Are there other sticks on the market today that uses this same blend? Is it gone forever? Will it be coming back in the future? I have pictures of this box as it was opened yesterday. Yes, as the tag also reads, Have a Taste of History. I will be. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Todd

    • La Aurora Cigars says:

      Dear Todd,
      Thank you very much for your message and your interest in our products and our brand.
      That format with that blend is no longer made. What does exist and is available is the straight format series:

      La Aurora 100 years old robusto 5 x 50
      La Aurora 100 years Churchill 7 x 50
      La Aurora 100 years belicoso 6 ¼ x 52
      La Aurora 100 years crowns 5 ½ x 42

      Best regards

  2. Val Gagliardi says:

    This is really an Amazing Duo … the best with the Best … what a special moment and Celebration… very Unique 🙌

    • La Aurora Cigars says:

      Thank you very much. We are delighted that you like this joint project and thank you for your passion for our brand.

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