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Inoa: “Cigars unite people without knowing each other, they create brotherhood”

The magazine ‘Placer.es‘ has published a beautiful interview with our master blender, Manuel Inoa. In [...]

Manuel Inoa, the art of the blend in La Aurora

Humo Latino magazine recently published an interview with Manuel Inoa under the headline “Manuel Inoa, [...]

Manuel Inoa explains the details of the creation of La Aurora 120th Anniversary

La Aurora’s master blender, Manuel Inoa, explains in a report for ‘Cigar Journal’ the details [...]


Manuel Inoa: “The creation of a good cigar begins with the selection of the best tobacco to use in the blend”

‘Tobacco Business’ magazine has published a beautiful and extensive interview featuring La Aurora’s master blender, Manuel [...]

First virtual event of our master blender, Manuel Inoa

The new times we live in make it difficult to meet with family and friends [...]

“Cigars with smaller ring allow to appreciate the notes more”

La Aurora mater blender, Manuel Inoa, is passionate about his work and the art of [...]


Manuel Inoa, in the “Tobacco Business” magazine

La Aurora’s master blender, Manuel Inoa, talks about his work in the company and explains [...]

Manuel Inoa: “Tobacco is a part of me”

Passion for cigars. This is the confession of La Aurora master blender, Manuel Inoa, when [...]


Manuel Inoa: “To work at La Aurora means passion and love”

For the master blender of La Aurora, Manuel Inoa, his work in the company means [...]