Manuel Inoa explains the details of the creation of La Aurora 120th Anniversary

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La Aurora’s master blender, Manuel Inoa, explains in a report for ‘Cigar Journal’ the details about the creation of the latest release, La Aurora 120th Anniversary.

Among other things, it details that La Aurora’s president, Guillermo León, Inoa and their team began thinking about celebrating the 120th anniversary six years ago when they started growing tobacco on their new farm in Jaqua, located in the Cibao Valley region of the Dominican Republic.

“It is a very large farm and perfectly located to grow great black tobacco,” Inoa explains in the ‘Cigar Journal’ article. “We planted Piloto Cubano, Corojo, San Vincente, Carbonell and more.”

Inoa recounts how each of the tobaccos being grown was tested. And two years ago, they began making the blends for the 120th anniversary commemorative cigar. “We made about 62 different blends, all of them unique,” Inoa stresses.

Those 62 blends were narrowed down to three before Guillermo León decided which one would represent his family’s legacy and the 120 years of history the company will celebrate next October.

“We are so proud to celebrate 120 years. So many things have happened over time to celebrate today. Guillermo León asked me to make something special for the 120 years,” summarizes Manuel Inoa.

La Aurora 120th Anniversary, a purely Dominican cigar

La Aurora 120th Anniversary cigar is a pure Dominican cigar, using only Dominican tobaccos harvested from La Aurora’s newest estate in the Cibao Valley. The wrapper is a ’92 Dominican Habano that covers an Olor binder and a long filler blend of Piloto Cubano, Olor and Corojo.

The core line is available in four sizes: robusto, Churchill, toro and gran toro. There are also two limited edition vitolas to be released in Europe and the Americas, a lancero for Europe and a Preferido No. 1 for the Americas, the magazine notes in its article.

Inoa believes what makes the company great is La Aurora’s relentless focus on quality. “The family believes that if you give nice things to the people, they appreciate it even more. We work for the people to give them the quality that they can appreciate,” Inoa says proudly.

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