Manuel Inoa, the art of the blend in La Aurora

Manuel Inoa en Humo Latino

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Humo Latino magazine recently published an interview with Manuel Inoa under the headline “Manuel Inoa, the art of blending at La Aurora”. In the publication, our master blender recounts his beginnings in the world of premium cigars and, in particular, his beginnings at La Aurora.

Master blender

He also details how he worked with Don Fernando León to make an exclusive personal cigar. “This is the cigar I want, don’t move it from there,” Don Fernando told him about the blend that later became the Fernando León Family Reserve.

On the other hand, Manuel Inoa explains to Humo Latino that La Aurora has identified itself as a company that respects the consumer, always prioritising quality above all else. “It’s about continuing the legacy of our parents and grandparents,” our master blender emphasises, also alluding to the company’s international expansion.

“In the world of tobacco, everything is love,” says La Aurora’s master blender

On another note, Manuel Inoa details the creation of our latest cigar, La Aurora 120 Aniversario, which the factory will celebrate on October 3rd. It began to take shape six years ago, harvesting four or five varieties of tobacco and a Dominican Habano 92 wrapper at Eduardo León’s plantation.

Manuel Inoa


As for how to taste a cigar, our master blender says that “anyone can smoke a cigar, but tasting it is what makes the difference.” He points out that the main motivation for La Aurora is “to deliver sensations and flavours, notes that take you to memories and make you live good moments”. “In the world of tobacco, everything is love,” he says.

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