La Aurora Preferidos Double Figurado Platinum, an “outstanding” cigar, according to ‘Bespoke Unit’


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The gentlemen’s magazine ‘Bespoke Unit’ includes our La Aurora 1903 Edition Preferidos Double Figurado Tubo Platinum cigar in the top category of its cigar classification, which incorporates outstanding cigars. “A premium, complex, and evolving cigar that rewards those who devote the time to experience the nuanced notes that arise throughout,” summarises the review, published at the end of June.

In the review, written by Paul Anthony, founder and creative director of the magazine, he details that the roll of the La Aurora 1903 Platinum is fairly uniform with minimal veining. “Furthermore, the cigar is firm throughout its entire length which, given the difficult double figurado vitola, is certainly impressive. Even under scrupulous inspection, I couldn’t find any soft spots,” says the reviewer.

He adds: “The Cameroon wrapper gives off a slight sheen though it is not overly oily. As far as aromas in the pre-light, most notes are rather subtle at this point”. Before lighting, the author considers the cigar to be “ideal”, neither too tight nor too loose. As a result, Anthony was confident that it would be a pleasant smoke, even before lighting.

During the first third, he detected notes of woody oak, earth and a sweet nutty flavour. On the retrohale, he encountered notes of sweet earth and some citrus tones. Throughout the second third, he found hints of cinnamon, graham cracker and spice, while on the retrohale he again experienced flavours of earth, wood and citrus.



The cigar finished with hints of cedar, coffee and woodiness, with earthy notes on the retrohale. “All in all, the evolution on this 1903 Platinum is phenomenal which I’d attribute to the Double Figurado shape that physically modifies the amount of air flowing through the cigar almost from minute to minute,” he explains.

He insists: “Once more, I like to highlight the draw as it’s easy for it to become inconsistent (or worse) with such a particular vitola but the master rollers at La Aurora have evidently earned their titles.”

He was also surprised by the angle of burn because of how evenly it has remained not just after one cigar but across the five 1903 Platinum’s smoked by the author of this review. He adds,  “All in all, I thought the combustion and overall structure were impressively consistent, and even more so given the Doble Figurado shape.”

Exceptional presentation of La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Edition Platinum

The experience of smoking La Aurora 1903 Platinum is further enhanced by its exceptional presentation, according to this expert. “The cigars are packed in the traditional wooden box which has an attractive design not only on its top but throughout. The range and contents of the cigar box are even burned onto the front of the box which I found to be a nice touch.,” he stresses.

Inside the box, there are eight individual metal tubes in the same double-figurado shape, neatly fitted into individual slots on a felt or lined surface. Each box is also accompanied by a small card with information about the cigars.

The packaging of the cigars is also “quite elegant,” says the reviewer, adding, “Overall, I don’t think the 1903 Platinum cigars can be beaten when it comes to presentation”. In his opinion, the presentation makes the cigar ideal for black-tie events or perhaps even as a gift in celebration of a friend or loved one.

With all the above points in mind, the expert really appreciates the expertise that goes not only into the blend, but specifically into the flawless execution of the Doble Figurado shape. “The cigar is very interesting with a significantly complex, nuanced, and evolving flavor profile that makes it more than worthwhile to take your time enjoying it and analyzing the different notes that arise throughout the session,” he concludes.

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