New good ratings for three of our cigars

Good scores for three cigars

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Three of our cigars have received good reviews in the last few weeks. We’re talking about La Aurora Preferidos Broadleaf, La Aurora 107 Zeppelin and La Aurora Preferidos Maduro. The ‘Cigar and Spirits’ magazine has given them scores of 93, 92 and 91 points, respectively.

Specifically, regarding La Aurora Preferidos Broadleaf, the publication says that this cigar of the 1903 range provides a “bold and tasty” smoke. “Rich in wooden, creamy and spicy flavors. It shines at the end with nuts and citrus notes,” describe the critics of the magazine.
La Aurora Preferido Broadleaf recibe 93 puntos

This parejo cigar, evaluated by ‘Cigars and Spirits’ in the Robusto shape (5×50) has a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a Valle del Cibao (Dominican Republic) binder and a filler composed of tobaccos from Valle del Cibao (Dominican Republic) and Nicaragua.

La Aurora Preferidos Broadleaf is part of a range of six completely different cigars, La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Edition Parejo. All these cigars are produced with different blends, but with the same careful selection. Its shape is Perfecto, so it has a limited production: an experienced tobacco-maker can only make one hundred of these cigars a day.

La Aurora 107 Zeppelin, an “excellent” cigar

La Aurora 107 Zeppelin obtiene 92 puntos

On the other hand, La Aurora 107 Zeppelin (4×58) is “smooth and spicy” at the beginning. As described by the magazine, very rich tobacco flavors and aromas of cocoa and spices subsequently emerge, which are topped with a sweet touch. “It’s excellent, it’s a well-cured and well-built cigar.” conclude the critics.

This cigar’s blend has a wrapper from Ecuador, a binder of tobaccos from Valle del Cibao (Dominican Republic) and a filler composed of tobaccos from Vale del Cibao (Dominican Republic), Nicaragua and Peru. It is part of the La Aurora 107 range, in which there are nine different shapes.

La Aurora Preferidos Maduro, “not to be missed”

Finally, La Aurora Preferidos Maduro also evaluated in its Robusto shape, “is a stronger medium cigar with flavors of cedar, coffee, butter and cream,” as described by ‘Cigar and Spirits’. “One cannot miss this Maduro,” recommends the magazine.

La Aurora Preferidos Maduro recibe 91 puntos

This cigar is composed of a wrapper from Brazil, a binder from Valle del Cibao (Dominican Republic) and a filler with tobaccos from Valle del Cibao (Dominican Republic), Brazil and Cameroon (Africa). Like all the cigars in this range, it is also available in Corona and Toro shapes.

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