Cutting the cigar

El corte del cigarro

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La Aurora’s Brand Ambassador, Wascar Aracena, shows how the cut of a cigar should be done.

“There are many ways to cut a cigar. At La Aurora, we prefer the straight guillotine cut. I’ll show you all about the proper technique with this method, and get the absolute best from your cigar through it. Mind your cigar’s foot and head. At the head, you’ll find the cap, look closely and identify the seams at its edge. Once we’ve done that, bring the cutter to its edge with a firm grip. And apply heavy, even force in a quick motion. That will leave us with a properly cut cigar”, he explains.

2 thoughts on “Cutting the cigar

  1. Douglas Pruden says:

    I had the opportunity to try the cigars in Panama. Wonderful smoke, now I’m on the hunt in Alberta Canada to locate them. Keep up the good work!

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