More details about La Aurora 115 Anniversary

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La Aurora has launched a new cigar that pays tribute to its history, which started in 1903. 115 years ago, Eduardo León Jimenes, founded this cigar factory and his effort, vision and values ​​made it possible for the factory to grow and develop. In fact, it became the only Dominican cigar factory that has endured over time with a presence in more than 80 countries.

“Today I present La Aurora 115th Anniversary“, says the president of La Aurora, Guillermo León, in this video with all the details of the new cigar, which is launched in four formats: belicoso, toro, robusto and gran toro.

La Aurora celebrates its 115th anniversary with the production of 3,000 limited edition boxes. This cigar is special for the exhaustive selection of the tobaccos that compose it and the additional aging that has been contributed to improve its flavor. “Excellence demands time, time provides experience and experience brings to legacy”, the video explains.

In addition, 800 jars containing these cigars have been created for the enjoyment of collectors.

2 thoughts on “More details about La Aurora 115 Anniversary

  1. Eduardo says:

    Why did you stop manufacturing Aurora no.4
    I’ve been looking everywhere for that amazing and reasonably priced cigar and everyone says it’s discontinued

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