La Aurora Preferidos Doble Figurado Platinum, among the best cigars in tubos

Preferidos Platinum

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La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Edition Doble Figurado Platinum has made it on the list of great cigars that come in tubos,  put together by ‘Cigar Aficionado’. The magazine has reviewed the market to offer a sample of excellent cigars that are sold in tubos, a very practical wrapping that allows the cigars to be stored and protected comfortably.

‘Cigar Aficionado’ highlights that at La Aurora, we have upped the ante when it comes to tubed cigars by launching the line La Aurora Preferred Edition 1903 Double Figurado Tubes, a series of “football-shaped perfectos that bring back the bomb-shaped perfecto size” with this original shape that we crafted for the first time more than a hundred years ago.

“Making a tube to fit this unusual cigar shape required something unique, and as Preferidos now come in a host of wrapper styles, the color-coded tubes allow consumers to know the exact blend they are reaching for.” details the article.

The Platinum version, which ‘Cigar Aficionado’ has selected for its list of cigars in tubos, contains a cigar wrapped in a Cameroon leaf. The rest of the blend is completed by tobacco from the Cibao Valley (Dominican Republic) in the binder, and in its filler a blend of tobacco from Brazil, Cameroon and Cibao Valley.


The smoke of this cigar pulls spicy notes, but with sweet touches. There are hints of cinnamon, cocoa and coffee that blend together very nicely. It is a rich and tasty medium-bodied cigar.

A tubular list of tubos

Entitled ‘A tubular list of tubos’, the ‘Cigar Aficionado’ article points out that sometimes travelling with “precious cigars” can be an anxiety-provoking task, especially during long trips when you don’t have a humidor small enough to fit in your hand luggage. Or if you simply need the cigar to stay intact long enough to light it up after a day of golf.

“Some cigars come packed in sturdy tubos, the small aluminum tubes meant to conveniently hold and protect your cigar. They’re one of the safer (and simpler) means to keep your smokes undamaged for a short time. Plus, with all the bright colors that tubos come in these days, they can almost serve as a fashion accessory of sorts, as they peek out of your jacket like a pocket square.”, describes the author of the text.

2 thoughts on “La Aurora Preferidos Doble Figurado Platinum, among the best cigars in tubos

  1. Bill Dixon says:

    Will the La Aurora Preferidos Platinum Corona be making a comeback? I’m having a hard time trying to find these Coronas. It’s a perfect size and flavor with the Cameroon wrapper for me, and a lot of other fans.

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