La Aurora gifts a personalised box of cigars to Max Verstappen

Caja personalizada cigarros Verstappen

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La Aurora Cigars gifted two-time Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen with a personalised box of La Aurora Hors D’Age cigars. La Aurora’s Digital Media Coordinator, Michelle León, daughter of company president Guillermo León, presented the box to Verstappen at the Miami Grand Prix, which took place on May 7th.

The box simulates the shape of a lion, as the pilot’s logo, and is blue in colour, in honour of Max Verstappen’s team, the Austrian Red Bull Racing. On the outside of the box lid is the logo and the name of La Aurora and the F1 champion in gold lettering and the inside of the box is orange, where you can also see several images of Max Verstappen in his racing car and driver’s suit.

The cigars, personalised with an orange band and his name as the reigning F1 World Drivers’ Championship winner, are from our Preferidos line. La Aurora Hors D’Age is the result of an investment in time and premium tobacco. It takes 12 years from the time the seed is planted to the time the cigar is rolled.

Its blend is made up of Ecuadorian tobaccos in the wrapper and binder and Dominican Republic, Colombian and Nicaraguan tobaccos in the filler. During the smoke, spicy notes of black pepper, wood, cinnamon, dried fruits and hints of citrus come through. There are also aromas of roasted coffee.

2 thoughts on “La Aurora gifts a personalised box of cigars to Max Verstappen

  1. Chip says:

    Wonderful! I’m sure Mr. Verstappen was very pleased to receive that lovely box. And, I’m sure he will be even more pleased when he savors those exquisite cigars!

    • La Aurora Cigars says:

      Hello, Thank you very much for your nice message. We are glad that you like the gift we made to the champion and our products. Have a nice day

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