Guillermo León: “I emphasize family values because I believe they must be present in every step we take”

Guillermo León

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The president of La Aurora Cigars, Guillermo León, gave an interview to the Austrian magazine ‘Diplomacy & Commerce’ during the last edition of the Procigar Festival. In it, he explains the pride he feels in continuing the work his family has done throughout the 120-year history of the company, whilst always keeping innovation in mind.

“I emphasize family values because I strongly believe that they must always be present in every step and decision we take. Without them, we would not be what we are today.,” he says in the interview, pointing out that La Aurora is a family business based on tradition and values. “My commitment is to give continuity to the work they have done, it is a great challenge that I proudly accept as part of my life’s mission,” he adds, celebrating what they have achieved with effort from generation to generation.

“Innovation is what has allowed us to celebrate 120 years,” says Guillermo León

However, the president of La Aurora points out the importance of knowing how to combine tradition with innovation. “Innovation is an intrinsic part of any company’s success; it is what allows it to prevail over time. Keeping up with technological advances and new technologies is not an option, but a necessity. Innovation is what has allowed La Aurora to have 120 years in the industry.,” says Guillermo León.

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He also spoke about tobacco and the manufacturing of cigars. Specifically, he explained that the flavours and aromas that come out of the cigars when smoked come from the organoleptic characteristics of the tobacco. “Each variety according to the soil that is planted and the climate has an impact on the flavors and aromas,” he said. “Acquiring a combination of notes that conquers the palate is a craft of a master blender who knows perfectly the tobacco and the variety of leaves and flavors that achieve harmony between consistency and flavor in the smoke”.

In his opinion, the perfect cigar depends on each consumer, their tastes and preferences. “Consumers are looking for a balance between aroma and flavour,” he says. And he points out that a good cigar is a balance between its draw and construction, as well as its quality. “That’s the north of every cigar we make at La Aurora,” he stresses.

Finally, he talks to the magazine about the company’s sales. La Aurora produces 5,600 quintals of tobacco a year, with the US market being the one in which out cigars are most in demand. However, La Aurora has a presence in over 90 countries around the world.

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