Knowing the true treasure and quality of La Aurora Cigars Factory, the Procigar Festival 2024

La Aurora welcomed participants of the Procigar 2024 festival tour on February 21st and 22nd, who were excited to visit our Factory Tour. This edition was dedicated to the quality that characterizes all the companies comprising the Association of Tobacco Manufacturers in the Dominican Republic. At La Aurora Cigars, we seized the opportunity to celebrate and honor those who contribute to ensuring every product and service maintains high standards.

Guests had the chance to explore La Aurora’s facilities and immerse themselves in the fascinating universe of cigar manufacturing. During the visit, they were provided with a detailed insight into each process stage, this time with a distinctive touch. In each area, a collaborator explained their role and shared their sentiments about being part of this great family, enabling guests to understand each step deeply.

This edition marked the premiere of the new application, CigarRings, where users can delve into the fascinating history of our company, uncover the secrets behind our products, and access exclusive content. Additionally, they can journey back in time and admire historical pieces in 3D using QR codes in the museum. Furthermore, they will find all relevant information about the company and can follow social media accounts to stay up-to-date with the latest news. It’s worth noting that participants received a kit including a selection of cigars, namely La Aurora Connecticut 1987 and La Aurora 107 Ecuador, both in Robusto format, which were enjoyed during the tour.

Moreover, an exciting show took place in the Galera, where part of its talented team of rollers delighted the audience with a typical merengue dance. During this event, an inspiring video was projected, highlighting the invaluable contribution of our collaborators and the educational programs implemented by the company to enrich their lives. Initiatives supporting the environment were showcased, illustrating how we conduct coastal cleanup campaigns and reforestation projects to preserve our natural surroundings. These actions reflect our comprehensive commitment to the well-being of our team, the community, and the planet.

In this edition, La Aurora paid tribute to its cigar rollers. These master craftsmen, with their skill and experience, breathe life into true works of art with each cigar they produce. Every gesture, every movement, is a manifestation of dedication and love for their craft. Our rollers are the heart of the company, and their commitment to excellence and passion for creating unique experiences distinguish them in the world of cigars.

In addition to the captivating tour, participants experienced the immersive ambiance of a “colmado,” promoting Dominican culture. They also enjoyed an exclusive tasting experience, savoring the 120th-anniversary cigar Training Kit, guided by La Aurora’s master blender, Manuel Inoa. Visitors gradually enjoyed pure-grade cigars until they savored a pairing with rum and the La Aurora 120 Aniversario cigar in a robust format, enhancing our products’ unique flavors and aromas. This exclusive tasting leaves a special memory on the palate and in the hearts of all present, renewing the commitment to continue enjoying and sharing the magic of this perfect harmony for many more generations.

The tour of the over 120-year-old factory served as a touching reminder of its rich heritage and unwavering commitment to excellence in the cigar world. La Aurora expresses gratitude to all the participants who chose this factory as part of their tour within the framework of the Procigar Festival 2024. We invite you to join us next year and experience firsthand the celebrations of Dominican tobacco culture.

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