E. León Jimenes Rum, a perfect partner for cigars

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It’s the fifth anniversary of La Aurora Rum. The company wanted to celebrate its 110th anniversary by releasing, in 2013, a product other than cigars, but also very characteristic of the Dominican Republic: rum. And so, the E. León Jimenes 110 Anniversary Rum was born.

It is a unique super premium distillate that has a very limited annual production. The E. León Jimenes Rum is a blend of different reserve rums, with an extra aging in Sherry wine barrels, which gives it a touch of sweetness. It is a product that can only be purchased at La Aurora store.

This dark Amber-colored rum is the perfect complement for La Aurora cigars, since it brings out many of their flavors. “The rum strengthens notes like caramel, bitter coffee, chocolate and ripe fruit. It also highlights leathery notes,” explains the master blender of La Aurora, Manuel Inoa.

This is a rum that goes well with all cigars because it was made to complement tobacco. However, Manuel Inoa specially suggests to drink it with the following cigars:

Family Reserve (Fernando León and Guillermo León)
La Aurora ADN Dominicano
La Aurora 107 (regular and Maduro)
La Aurora Edición 1903 Preferidos (Black Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Platinum, Gold, Ruby and Double Barrel Aged)
León Jimenes (Connecticut, Doble Maduro and Prestige)
Puro Vintage

2 thoughts on “E. León Jimenes Rum, a perfect partner for cigars

  1. Lopez velarde Carlos says:

    Para comprar una caja de su ron, y envió a Aguascalientes, México. C.p 20100. Pudiera ser posible. Gracias. Costo. Los mejores puros La aurora, felicidades

    • La Aurora Cigars says:

      Estimado Carlos,
      No hacemos envíos a otros países. Tenemos compañías de distribución de nuestros productos.
      En México es:
      Lieb Internacional
      Pino Nº. 343 Atlampa
      México City-Cuauhtemoc; Federal District of Mexico City
      Tel. 52 55 5547 8994
      Por favor, contacte con ellos.
      Muchas gracias por su interés

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