Eugenio Polanco invites to know how a good cigar is made

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The La Aurora Factory Tour guide, Eugenio Polanco, invites cigar lovers to come to visit the factory to learn all about the processes related to the manufacture of a good cigar. “We show from the beginning to the end everything that has to do with a good cigar,” he says in this video in which he is excited to belong to the great family of La Aurora.

“When people speak to me about La Aurora, my eyes light up. This has been the job of a lifetime, allowing me to provide for my family and give us a great lifestyle”, explains proudly Eugenio Polanco.

“To the cigar enthusiasts in the US, I’d like to recommend to you a way to learn more of the process, come and take the seminar here at the Cigar Institute at La Aurora, where we show you everything about cigars from beginning to end”, he underlines.

“You really have to come to the factory to see everything that’s involved in producing a world class cigar”, Polanco concludes.

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