La Aurora Hors D’Age, among the best cigars of 2022

La Aurora Hors D'Age

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La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age has been rated by ‘Cigar Journal’ magazine as one of the best cigars of 2022. In the magazine’s annual ranking of the 25 best cigars of the year, La Aurora Hors D’Age places sixth.

According to the magazine’s experts, it is a perfectly rolled cigar, applauded for the delicate skill of our master rollers. As for the smoke, Cigar Journal’s panel of smokers praise an array of woody and nutty aromas.

“At the same time, it also develops the sweetness of cinnamon and a subtle leather component, combined with a mild spiciness,” the magazine notes in its tasting note. Its format is Gran Toro (6 x 54) and it comes in a beautiful shiny decanter. It has a strength of 7.5 out of ten.

La Aurora Hors D'AGe

La Aurora Hors D’Age, an extra aged cigar

This cigar is the result of an investment in time and premium tobacco. Its process takes twelve years to create from the time the tobacco seed is planted until the cigar is rolled. It is harmoniously composed of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Colombian tobaccos in the filler and Ecuadorian tobaccos in the wrapper and binder.

This is not the first time that this cigar from the Preferidos Edición 1903 line with extra years of ageing has been among the best of the year. Last year it also featured in Cigar Journal’s Top 25 and Cigar & Spirits’ Top 20.

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  1. Mark says:

    Looking for a java infused cigar with Connecticut wrapper. Suggestions please? Something similiar to drew estates java latte

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