La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Toro scored 93 points by “The Cigar Authority”

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La Aurora 107 Nicaragua in Toro format (5 3/4 x 54) has received 93 points from “The Cigar Authority.” The authors of the review, published on October 15, consider it a cigar with a lot of flavor and with a medium-full strength profile. “It’s an exceptionally smooth and well-balanced cigar that is full of flavor,” they say.

In their analysis, they point out that this cigar showcases the different ideologies of tobacco fermentation between Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Although this cigar’s blend is made exclusively with Nicaraguan tobaccos, these experts believe “it’s a denser cigar with a thicker wrapper,” which they consider to be more common in Dominican cigars.

In their opinion, the feel of La Aurora seal is very much felt in this cigar, but the experience “is very different” from what our company has offered to date, according to the authors of the text. “It’s a very interesting take on Nicaraguan tobacco,” they add.

In greater detail, “The Cigar Authority” explains that this cigar, available in boxes of 20 units, has a Habano wrapper that is “flawless, with a nice amount of oils.” In addition, these experts appreciate that the cigar is firm with no soft spots.

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Toro’s tasting notes

On the cold tasting of La Aurora 107 Nicaragua in Toro format, you will find notes of oak and a subtle hint of molasses. On the other hand, the aroma from the foot of La Aurora 107 Nicaragua offers a cherrylike sweetness. Once the foot is lit, in their opinion, the cigar delivers a graham cracker note.

During the first third, this publication says the graham cracker note slowly begins to fade to give away to spices such as nutmeg, ginger and allspice, giving it the feeling of a Christmas spiced cookie. Then, they notice that the cigar becomes earthy, with a subtle note of pepper and licorice that lingers for a long time.

“The second third continues to showcase notes of all the spices with a hint of cinnamon and a touch of vanilla,” according to “The Cigar Authority”. And they continue: “It serves up a hint of roasted nuts, licorice and a touch of leather that lingers on the palate.”

As for the last third, La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Toro is smoked until there is nothing left as it serves up notes of spice, licorice, and roasted nuts. “All the notes blend together seamlessly with a nice earthy finish and the licorice is enhanced on the retrohale,” they conclude.

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