Willman Hernández: “We have two ingredientes, an excellent tobacco and time”

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The of Quality Control Manager of La Aurora, Willman Hernández, highlights two ingredients that make the company’s cigars have such quality: they have an excellent tobacco and they are made for a long period of time. “La Aurora is the oldest cigar factory in Dominican Republic. We only have two ingredients in our products: excellent tobacco and the time that we put into each and every cigar. For us, quality does not have time”, he says.

Willan Hernández believes that tobacco is an art, since its seed is harvested until the cigars are packaged. “Tobacco is an art, from the harvest of the field, to the final packaging”, he affirm, after noting that he likes his work because it lacks monotony.

“My favorite part of the job is that it’s like a roller coaster. Nothing is repetitive and there’s no monotony. There are always new things…, new challenges which make you learn new things so that the results are always great”, says Willman Hernández.

For all these reasons and causes, he invites those who don’t yet know the La Aurora cigars and those people who like quality products, to bet on the cigars of this company. “If you want to smoke a good cigar, your first choice should be a La Aurora cigar,” he concludes.

All his explanations can be seen in the following video:

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