What can you learn in the courses of our Cigar Institute?

Cigar Institute

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Courses at our Cigar Institute teach many aspects of the cigar world. The assistants to the three days learn all kinds of details about how a seed is grown from which a tobacco plant will germinate, what all the processes through which tobacco leaves pass until they can be used in cigars and how is the cigar rolling process.

As a culmination, you get to put everything you learned into practice, with master classes on how to detect the aromas, flavors and sensations that cigars give off when smoking them. It is an activity that is usually supported with the use of our Training kit.

In addition, all this knowledge is taught by experts in the corresponding subjects. Specialists in the cultivation of tobacco plants; experts in tobacco processes, cigar makers and masters blender are the ones who illustrate those who follow the courses of our Cigar Institute.

But who better to explain what is learned and how apply the knowledge acquired to the art of smoking premium cigars than the participants themselves to the courses. Listen to them in the following video:

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