Values (IV): Pride

Pride is, for La Aurora, a huge value that has to do with what we are today, with our origins, with the memory of our peasant provenance, and with what we aspire to be.

La Aurora is the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. We can say this with pride and we do show it to the world, since 1903, because it is written in our DNA. These are our roots, this is our tradition and, furthermore, this is the beginning of our future.

This doesn’t mean we are not open minded enough neither to the new market trends nor, of course, to the use of quality tobaccos where ever other countries are harvested to include them in our blends. We believe in mixing to improve, to have good results, but the base of our cigars is always the leaves of what we consider the best tobacco in the world: Cibao Valley’s tobacco, Dominican Republic.

La Aurora was born in 1903. It was founded by Eduardo León Jimenes, son and grandson of tobacco growers, from a peasant origin, and it was the seed of one of the largest business group in the history of Dominican Republic: the León Jimenes Group. La Aurora-León Jimenes have been, and still they are, country brands with an awareness recognizable by all the Dominicans, just beside Presidente beer or Nacional cigarettes: La Aurora – León Jimenes are Dominican Pride too.

But, in the Dominican way of living, there is no place to comparisons with anybody. It is a humble mentality with no room for arrogance. To be proud of what you are or of your achievements, or of the land where you have born, nearly 112 years ago, where you strive hard and faithfully to keep your tradition staring at the future, doesn’t mean that you think you are better than anyone: it simply means that you believe in yourself and in the Dominican Republic, the largest premium cigar exporter in the world.

                La Aurora is León Jimenes and both are Dominican Pride since 1903.


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