Values (III): Honesty

Thelma Santos, our sales analyst, can personalize one of our most important values (which is also key in her role within the company): honesty. If you’re looking for a nice story, some kind of white lie to feel well, you better don’t ask Thelma because she will just punch you off with a hard truth like a hammer. That’s her job and she is competent in her tasks and her way of being is honest and loyal, merits that are worth in La Aurora.

Honesty means that La Aurora is loyal to its consumers. In La Aurora we do what we say and we say what we do, with absolutely transparency, and that’s why we have open doors politics in our factory to our visitors to the point that we have become the first tourist attraction in Santiago de los Caballeros by Trip Advisor (and with several awards you can check here).

And when tourists come and visit us, what we show is our factory in its day by day, with the boxes ysantanain the middle of the way, all the crowd of workers doing his up and down tasks smiling and greeting people, and if William Pichardo, the reader (we still maintain the tradition of the guy reading the news to the rollers) is in this position, they see him reading; and if it is not his time, they don’t. Our visitors can see what and how we do, it is not some kind of theatre prepared for them, and you can come too and see it.

Honesty is show us to the world as we are and tell what we do, something that have always distinguished us so much that, even, there is a book written about the León family tradition that everybody can read in this link “Huella y memoria“.

La Aurora is honesty and it is since 1903.


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