Values (I): Commitment

A business corporation today might have values to act in the market with an ethical behavior. This means that is not enough to enunciate some good words, present them to the society pretending to be taken like really “good guys“. The issue here is undertaking to fulfill them. La Aurora values are seven and the first one we bring here, with our new campaign “Values”, precisely pushes us to go further than just mere words.

Commitment means that La Aurora is loyal and responsible, always responds with the word given and with the obligations undertaken.

Is not new, as it is written in “Huella y memoria” (“Trace and memory“), the book that tells the story of the León family since its very start, what Eduardo León Jimenes, founder of La Aurora, thought about commitment. “Don Eduardo taught their sons a set of values ​​and principles that are part of the family patrimony. “Pay; watch your credit more than your health -he used to advise to the oldest of his sons -. If one day arrives that you see you are not going to be able to pay, rush to the bank and make the necessary arrangements, but make them. A member of the León family never gives a false check“.

La Aurora is commitment and it is so since 1903.

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