A personal experience (Taste it easy)

Attending to seminars or cigar tastings with proffesionals or reading in the magazines the opinion of experts whose well-trained noses are capable to find in a cigar notes and aromas that we are not sometimes can make us feel we are not so good smokers as we thought. Some people’s reaction is to reject these kind of tastings. They say is only marketing, that a cigar taste is just tobacco taste, but after that they choose between one cigar or another and that is quite contradictory, don’t you think so? If tobacco is the only taste, how can you distinguish one cigar from another? Strenght, aroma, draw, notes… They do make the difference.

There is an orthodoxy, of course, that tends to optimize the pleasure of smoking a cigar, but that orthodoxy can not become such a rigid rule that prevents the enjoyment: after all smoking a cigar is a personal experience. There are no two equal cigars because teher are no two equal smokers, circumstances change, the company changes, the moods, the pairings, the weather, the seasons, the atmospheric pressure, if we are on holiday or in a business dinner, even the unknown person that is on our side showing he or she is upset because of the smoke of our cigar changes the taste. Therefore, try to apply a rigid orthodoxy when smoking in all circumstances: it is impossible. Cigar smokers are seekers of moments, and when we found it (something not easy today with so many bans), we feel like grab that moment for us and our cigar, much better if it is in good company, we take it for our personal experience. As the Spanish poet Alvaro Muñoz Robledano says “a cigar is a serving of welfare.” Of course there is a better way to cut the cigar and light it and smoke it, but the real cigar expert is the one who knows how to enjoy it his own way. No deal about this.

La Aurora, a company that has demonstrated innovation capacity since 1903 and that, therefore, has remained in the forefront of the market for 111 years, has just released the 1903 Edition Training Kit. We have explained what is in this forum. Now, Manuel Inoa, Master Blender of the company, is presenting it in the US with a huge success, not only because of his personal charisma, Mani knows always how to gain the sympathy of the smokers, but because the product itself enables the smoker to achieve in an easy and direct way notes and aromas that in a whole cigar often appear twisted into a set of more complex flavors. The personal experience of the 1903 Edition Training Kit has led us to a slogan with a word game that gives meaning to this post: Taste it easy!

Taste it easy! We mean:

1. Relax. You do not need to take out the notes of leather or nuts or whatever to really enjoy your cigar. It is not compulsory;

2. With La Aurora Training Kit we provide you the way for better link your memories with the aromas and you’ll be able to name them … Of course, if you blow out the smoke through your nose.

And remember one thing: Smoking a cigar is a personal experience. Anyone tell you how to do it. Taste it easy !

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