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Rum, coffee, wine… do you know how to pair your smokes?

Tasting a cigar is an act of enjoyment that is usually also accompanied by a [...]

Rum E. León Jimenes 110 Aniversario, the perfect pairing for all cigars

One of the best drinks to pair with a cigar is rum. For this reason, [...]


“In the pairing of cigars and rum there must be harmony”

There are many rum varieties you can use for pairing. Our master blender, Manuel Inoa, [...]

Visits, dinners, auctions, friends and… cigars in the Procigar Festival 2020

The Procigar Festival was held once again this year with that great inebriating atmosphere as [...]

Cigars and rum, the perfect match

Some smokers want to enjoy a cigar and nothing else, but others want to highlight [...]

Cigars and rum, a perfect match

Smoking a cigar is, per se, an experience packed with sensations perceived with the senses: [...]