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First virtual event of our master blender, Manuel Inoa

The new times we live in make it difficult to meet with family and friends [...]

Manuel Inoa, in the “Tobacco Business” magazine

La Aurora’s master blender, Manuel Inoa, talks about his work in the company and explains [...]

Soil and seed, decisive factors for cigar flavors

We have created the Cigar Institute in our constant effort to disseminate knowledge about the [...]


Manuel Inoa: “Tobacco is a part of me”

Passion for cigars. This is the confession of La Aurora master blender, Manuel Inoa, when [...]

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What is the aging room?

Just like wine improves with age, cigars are also enriched over time. This is one [...]

La Aurora Hors d’Age 2017, a cigar made based in time

One of our latest creations, La Aurora Hors d’Age 2017 Limited Edition, is a cigar [...]

La Aurora 115 Anniversary, presented by Manuel Inoa

On October 3, 1903 Eduardo León Jimenes founded, at only 18 years old, the factory [...]

Manuel Inoa: “To work at La Aurora means passion and love”

For the master blender of La Aurora, Manuel Inoa, his work in the company means [...]

Meet the great family of La Aurora Cigars

The manufacture of cigars would not be possible without the love and effort devoted to [...]