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La Aurora creates the Cigar Institute

La Aurora Cigar Factory has created the first tobacco institute worldwide: La Aurora Cigar Institute.

This institution is part of La Aurora Cigar World, a new concept in the world of tobacco whose primary objective is to create real experts in the field of Premium Cigars. This aim is to be achieved with the creation of La Aurora Cigar Institute, the first institution in the world to educate and teach about the world of cigars in a didactic manner, through a group of recognized professionals who will communicate and disseminate the Dominican tobacco culture.

Said institution, that will open its doors next February, is endorsed by the Tobacco Institute of Dominican Republic. Its courses have been meticulously designed in terms of level and duration in accordance with the needs of the learner; on the initial stages, important representative figures of the tobacco industry will be present in order to impart their knowledge and expertise on the subject. We refer to Ángel Daniel Núñez, ex President of General Cigar Co, Benjamín Menéndez, an emblematic figure who has been linked to the world of tobacco for 62 years, holding the position of Senior Vice President at General Cigar, until his retirement in 2013, and Guillermo León, current President of La Aurora, among other major personalities of the tobacco sector.

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Values (II): Innovation

We never get tired, and we never will, of saying that La  Aurora is the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, the original, let’s say for those whom the word “ancient” sounds like obsolete, outdated, old fashioned. La Aurora was founded in 1903, 111 years ago, and its evolution during this time has nothing to do with being neither obsolete nor outdated nor old fashioned, but quite the opposite, precisely because one of its core values: the innovation.

Innovation means that La Aurora has always been one step ahead in its offer to consumers, that has always presented innovative, breaker and different products and that is what has made, 111 years later, La Aurora to be still there, trendy, on top. Because we use our history and our tradition as background, it is not a burden, it is a baggage. And so we do not mind being the oldest, if that means being wise, experienced, expert…

We could put many examples in the long history of this company that was born from the dream of a young, enterprising and hardworking man, Eduardo Leon Jimenes, but we have today in the IPCPR, at booth 18813, a product that is unique in the world, that no one has imagined before: La Aurora Training Kit Emerald.

Come to the booth if you want to see it and if you’re not in the IPCPR, you have an extensive explanation on this link: La Aurora Training Kit: Train your nose.

La Aurora is innovation and it is since 1903.

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