Procigar, an opportunity to meet La Aurora, its cigars and its rum

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A new edition of Procigar begins this Sunday, which, as in previous years, starts its journey on the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. Midweek, the celebration will move to Santiago de los Caballeros, at which time participants will have the opportunity to visit our factory. Specifically, the activities of La Aurora Cigars within the festival will take place in the factory and in the Cigar Institute, home of all training activities we have.

On Thursday 21 and Friday 22 there will be two separate guided tours to our factory. In these tours, participants will learn both the history of the company and the cigarette manufacturing processes. They will also have the chance to see firsthand the work of torcedores, an art that enthuses all those who can live that experience.

Pairing of cigars and rum

This year there will be talks about matching our rum, E. León Jimenes 110 Anniversary, with two of our latest creations: La Aurora 115 Anniversary Limited Edition and La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age 2018. In these talks, to publicize all the details about the matching of rum and cigars, participants will talk to the president of La Aurora, Guillermo Leon, and with the former NBA player and currently distributor and image of our rum in the United States, Karl Malone.

During the pairing events, participants will smoke the cigars chosen for these tastings: La Aurora 115 Aniversario Limited Edition and La Aurora Hors D’Age 2018. In the typical dinner, where visitors will savor traditional Creole dishes, held on Wednesday 20th, participants will smoke the Robustoshape of La Aurora 115 Aniversario Regular Edition.

In the White Dinner (Thursday 21st), in which all the guests must wear white, will be offered the Belicososhape of La Aurora 115 Limited Edition and in the Gala Dinner (Friday 22nd) the attendees, dressed in their best costumes for the occasion, will be able to taste the Toro shape of La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age 2018.

In the remaining activities, participants will be offered the Toroshape of La Aurora 107. On the other hand, as every year, La Aurora will participate in the most supportive night of the year in the Procigar Festival. In this year’s edition, La Aurora will give its humidor La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age 2018 for the special products auction for charity purposes.

La Aurora 115, La Aurora Hors D’Age and rum E. León Jimenes, three aces

The rum E. León Jimenes by La Aurora 110 Aniversario is an intense and complex rum with a unique flavor and a vibrant finish accented by sweet, spicy and floral notes, that bring out the best of premium cigars. With 10 years of aging, this rum becomes the perfect match for cigar lovers.

Specifically, rum E. León Jimenes remains the first eight years in virgin American white oak barrels, which are responsible for most of its flavor. The last two years is in virgin French oak barrels that offer the roundness and homogeneity responsible for its character. This is an exceptional liquor as per the standards of the “Beverage Testing Institute” experts, that awarded it 97 points.

As for the cigars to be matched with the rum, La Aurora 115 Aniversario is the cigar created on the occasion of the factory’s 115th birthday, last October 3. Available in Regular and Limited Edition, a special commemorative pitcher of the Limited Edition in Gran Toro shape has also been launched.

The La Aurora 115 Aniversario Limited Edition cigar, with a strength of 7,5 in 10, offers spicy notes with hints of tropical fruits and hints of cedar wood, paired with sweet honeyed flavors like molasses and caramel. Coffee notes are evident throughout the smoke.

As for La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age, this is a cigar that, like the name says, undergoes a longer aging process. In total, it takes 12 years from the sowing of the tobacco seeds until the cigar is rolled. When smoked, spicy notes of black pepper can be tasted, giving way to nuances of cinnamon, nuts and citrus, with hints of roasted coffee, always accompanied by the presence of wood.

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