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In December, the last month of the year, it is common for the specialized cigar magazines to make an assessment of how the year has gone. As a result of their analysis, they usually publish lists of the cigars they liked the most. In some of them, some of our cigars have occupied good positions.

For example, our La Aurora 1903 Cameroon cigar was placed in the sixth position of 24 cigars that make up the ‘Best buys of 2018’ list designed by the magazine ‘Cigar Aficionado’. Its creators analyze handmade cigars from their tasting database, highlighting those that have impressed the panel of smoking experts and that also have economic prices.

In the tasting database of ‘Cigar Aficionado’ is our La Aurora 1903 Cameroon Churchill, which scored 91 points in the December tasting. The panel of experts explains in its tasting note that it is a cigar with notes of coffee and cedar, which has a fresh tobacco that leads to a tea and lemon finish. “An interesting smoke”, they point out in the assessment.

In this same ranking, there is also La Aurora 1962 Corojo Churhill. “Constructed with a well-made cap and a flat head, this big cigar delivers lots of creamy smoke with underpinnings of earth, cinnamon and some fruit. There’s a faint hint of nougat on the finish”, highlight the authors of the review.

Finally, the list of ‘Best buys of 2018’ also includes our La Aurora 1962 Corojo Robusto cigar. The experts who tasted it explain: “Covered in a reddish wrapper, this cigar begins with some notes of burnt mesquite and black pepper, but the finish is earthy and slightly vegetal”.

In another annual review of cigars, the list prepared by the magazine ‘Cigars and Spirits’, our cigar La Aurora 107 is placed in the sixth place of 20. In addition, the magazine ‘Cigarro Dominicano’ published this month a nice and extensive article of three pages about our commemorative cigar, La Aurora 115 Anniversary. In it, it explained in great detail the two editions released, the regular and limited edition, and the elegant jar also created to commemorate the 115th anniversary of the factory.

In addition, the magazine ‘Cigar Journal’ includes in its Top 25 La Aurora Hors D’Age 2017. In the tasting note of our cigar describes it as harmonious, well-balanced cigar with subtle sour notes, the sweetness of dried fruit and also toasted and leathery aromas. “The creamy smoke is underscored with pleasant notes of spice and a fruity sweetness”, says the text of the magazine.

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