Once again, La Aurora 115th Annivesary Regular Edition earns positive reviews

La Aurora 115th Anniversary

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The regular version of our La Aurora 115th Anniversary commemorative cigar has earned more good reviews in recent weeks. The expert and influencer Delicia… wrote a positive review on this cigar, saying in the introduction that she really enjoys La Aurora 115th Anniversary Regular Edition. “It’s a very good cigar,” she says in her video.

First, she starts by describing the blend: wrapper from Ecuador, binder from Brazil and filler from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Brazil. It’s available in four shapes: Belicoso, Robusto, Gran Toro and Toro. This influencer’s review focuses on the Robusto shape. During the smoke, she describes the aromas and flavors the cigar gives off.

Specifically, she speaks of beautiful flavors, with hints of walnut and spices, such as pepper. She also detects sweet touches of cinnamon, vanilla, cookies, and some citrus notes, among others.

Besides, she also describes the seal of La Aurora 115th Anniversary Regular Edition in detail, with gold and white letters on a black background. It also shows the image of the factory and a red stripe that distinguishes it from the limited edition, with the text: “Un cigarro conmemorativo magistralmente artesanal” (A commemorative cigar of masterful craftsmanship).

Finally, this expert invites her followers to visit the factory of La Aurora or to attend the Procigar festival, where La Aurora is present, and in which you can visit our factory.

On the other hand, Blind Man’s Puff awarded 90 points in a review to La Aurora 115th Anniversary Regular Edition, also in Robust shape, published on October 21.
Pleasant sweetness, lots of complex flavors and satisfying flavors are a few of the experts’ comments in this publication, which describes it as very good.

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