Meet the great family of La Aurora Cigars

The manufacture of cigars would not be possible without the love and effort devoted to them by the members of La Aurora Cigars. To show our gratitude to lovers of cigars, part of the team expresses in this video what it means to be part of this great family:

Guillermo León, President of La Aurora Cigars: “My name is Guillermo León and I am the president of La Aurora. I’ve been in this position since 1996. I feel very fortunate to have found a job where I get to enjoy so much what I do. For me, to work here at La Aurora is more like a hobby. I always make a joke where I say that I’m retired or that I’ve been retired my whole life, because I feel like I’m doing a hobby”.

Manuel Inoa, Master Blender de La Aurora: “La Aurora Cigars are the best in the world because they give you moments of pleasure, moments of enjoyment. Los blends that La Aurora produce are exclusive blends to fully satisfy each and every cigar smoker in the world.

Eugenio Polanco, La Aurora Factory Tour Guide: “My favorite part of my job is to enjoy cigars. Here, daily I have the privilege of being able to enjoy the prestigious brands that we have made here since 1903. When someone enjoys one of these cigars, it is to enjoy the native tradition of the Dominican Republic, pure Dominican pride”.

Wascar Aracena, Brand Ambassador of La Aurora: “I’m very proud of what La Aurora has become, with the passion that we all make our products, and the dedication and delivery that we do throughout the entire day to give our consumers a high quality product”.

Carlos Peña, Warehouse Supervisor: “The best part of my job and my favorite department is shipping. I’ve been working in this position the longest and I like it the best because of its dynamics nature and I get to interact with different people all over the world”.

Willman Hernández, Quality Control Manager: “My wife worked here in the factory for 16 years. I have to thank La Aurora for believing in my abilities 6 years ago and making me part of their workforce, giving me opportunities of growth and development and for new strategic planning that today shows very good results. For that I have to thank the Leon Familiy very much”.

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