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Manuel Inoa

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The “Cigarro Dominicano” magazine has published an extensive and beautiful interview with our master blender, Manuel Inoa. In this magazine, he talks about the process of creation and release of La Aurora 107 Nicaragua. He also explains that training and teaching—not only about our products, but also about cigar manufacture and smoking methods to detect all the notes—are among the company’s values.

The interview, published on November 2, begins by recalling that, before the pandemic, Manuel Inoa used to spend more than 200 days a year taking La Aurora cigars and the tobacco culture to many different countries of the world. “I have missed people’s faces, human warmth, physical share,” our master blender tells the magazine.

And he recalls that when he traveled, it was to present new products and introduce new lines. “People always want to talk to the guy behind every successful project. That makes the consumer want to interact because, nowadays, smokers do not just sit down to smoke, they want you to tell them the story behind each cigar,” explains Manuel in the interview published on pages 8, 9 and 10 of the “Cigarro Dominicano”.

Manuel in Cigarro Dominicano

Online presentations of new products by Manuel Inoa

However, now, in the new situation we are experiencing, all this work is done virtually. Thus, the release of La Aurora 107 Nicaragua to the different markets was done through online events. This cigar, with a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, belongs to the Tobaccos of the World collection, to which other cigars with tobaccos from other origins (Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and the United States) also belong. In the interview, Inoa details the internal process to release La Aurora 107 Nicaragua.

Later, Manuel Inoa tells in “Cigarro Dominicano” about his long career in the company, already amounting to 27 years. Among other things, he describes his role as a teacher at the Cigar Institute, the institution created to teach anyone who wants to learn about the different processes involved in making premium cigars. Also, to train smokers in the art of smoking, so that they can better appreciate all the flavors, aromas, and notes.

All these teachings are now being given virtually. “I really enjoy new technology when doing virtual releases and trainings. This modality has made me look for more things to teach and to learn to get in tune with the person on the other side, to connect with the audience in a different way,” rejoices Manuel.

4 thoughts on “Manuel Inoa in “Cigarro Dominicano”

  1. Sahood says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I would like to know if your factory produces Cigarillos?  I would like to purchase wholesale. Thank you looking forward to hearing from you soon

    Sincerely,Sahood  WhatsApp 1832 590 9832

  2. Takis says:

    Please inform me if there is a way to virtually participate and place some questions to Mr. Inoa about how can I improve my technique of smoking, so that I will improve my perception of the cigar taste.

    I would also like to have a virtual visit to your cigar factory and watch the procedure from step 1 to the final placement of the cigars to the boxes, if applicable.

    I love the Limited Edition Aurora cigars but please consider that my final choise and my favorite cigar is the Hors d’age 2017. I believe that 2017 is better than 2018.

  3. La Aurora Cigars says:

    Dear Takis,

    We periodically hold online tasting events with our master blender, Manuel Inoa. In them, it is possible to ask questions to Mr. Inoa. They are events in collaboration with the companies that distribute our cigars in different countries. What country are you from?
    On the other hand, we do not have a virtual tour of the factory at the moment. You can visit our facilities in Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Republic) but in person.
    Thank you very much for your interest in us and for your passion for our cigars.

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