Libia Fernández, brand ambassador of La Aurora: “The cigar world does not separate men from women”

Libia Fernández, embajadora de marca

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Our brand ambassador Libia Fernández is happy and grateful to be able to share and transmit her passion for premium cigars. She is enthusiastic about promoting the knowledge of tobacco and making people fall in love with tobacco and La Aurora cigars. In her role within the company—a role shared with Wascar Aracena—she seeks to connect with all types of consumers, regardless of gender.

During her professional career, she has always been in the sales and public relations field. But since she started tasting premium cigars, precisely a La Aurora cigar, she started using social networks to share her experiences with different cigars. And that’s where her journey in the “wonderful world of tobacco” begun, a world that she’s so passionate about, in her own words. And, soon after, in our family, in the La Aurora family.

When and how did you become interested in premium cigars?

My interest came from a dinner with friends in the city of Santiago, where I had the opportunity to try a cigar for the first time. Precisely, it was a cigar from La Aurora, since an acquaintance that was present that day worked at the factory.

How was the experience with this first cigar?

It was something very new to me. I remember tasting a somewhat strong cigar. However, I felt attracted to learn more about it. It caught my attention so much that from that day on I set out to learn more about this world, to the point that medium/strong cigars are now my favorites.

Why do you like to taste premium cigars?

I see each cigar as an experience, as well as a chance to share and meet people who, like me, are attracted to this world.

What type of cigars do you like the most?

My favorite shape is Gran Toro. However, when I don’t have that much time, I choose a Corona Gorda or Robusto cigar. In terms of notes, I love cigars with a lot of flavor, and creamy, perhaps also with notes of wood, dried fruits, roasted coffee, among others…

How many cigars do you smoke per day? And on which occasions?

In general, I don’t have a planned schedule. It all depends on the moment and the occasion.

Do you usually enjoy cigars in company (with friends, family…) or do you prefer to enjoy them alone?

I love to smoke in company, although I confess that my best experiences enjoying a cigar have been in solitude.

What are your favorite places to enjoy a cigar?

I think any place is an excellent place to enjoy a good cigar. I enjoy a lot at the beach, in some cigar lounges and in places that make me feel at peace.

What do you pair cigars with?

Usually, with wine. Also, with the E. León Jimenes 110 Anniversary rum.

What features of E. León Jimenes 110 Anniversary rum would you point out? What cigars do you usually smoke it with?

I would point out that it was undoubtedly created to be enjoyed with any cigar. It is a rum that enhances the flavors. I never used to drink rum, and this one became one of my favorite pairings. I usually pair it with La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age, León Jimenes 300 Series and Fernando León Family Reserve.

What advice would you give to those who are getting started in the world of premium cigars?

I advise them to learn more about this world. I assure them that they will fall in love with everything that goes into making the cigars—which we enjoy so much—in addition to seeing all the love, passion and dedication in the people who make them. And even more so in La Aurora cigars, characterized by its long history and for being a family legacy. In addition, it has deep-rooted values since its foundation in 1903.

And what advice do you give to women?

I tell women not to be intimidated by certain cigar strengths or sizes. The best thing to do is to try as many cigars as possible to identify your favorites. I believe there is a suitable cigar for everyone, as there is a huge variety in terms of flavor, strength, and shape.

Do you think women like different types of cigars than men?

I see women who dare to try all kinds of cigars, to learn and enjoy cigars with the same strength and equal shapes as those smoked by men.

For those who don’t know you yet, how did your relationship with La Aurora family begin?

La Aurora was identifying a group of women to be evaluated as “influencers” or brand ambassadors. I was contacted and after several meetings I was presented with this great and welcomed opportunity. La Aurora considered that having a woman ambassador would be a reference to deepen the knowledge within this circle. They consider that the cigar world doesn’t separate men from women, and I totally agree with that.

How do you promote the La Aurora brand throughout the country?

I am in charge of promoting all our products through different face-to-face and virtual presentations. In addition, I attend smoking events and invite people to smoke a selection of La Aurora cigars.

As a brand ambassador, do you focus on both male and female audiences?

That’s right, our goal is to connect with all types of consumers, regardless of gender.

What does being La Aurora’s first female brand ambassador mean to you?

It is a challenge that I am honored to take on with great pride, to have the opportunity to represent the long history of this factory and culture that is so valuable in the Dominican Republic and in the world. I am ready to give the best of me and share it with cigar enthusiasts.

And how do you feel about belonging to the La Aurora family?

Happy and grateful, because that’s what it is—a family, and I have felt that way from day one.

What do you like most about your role as brand ambassador of La Aurora?

Being able to share, being able to promote tobacco knowledge, being able to transmit my passion to other people and for them to fall in love with tobaccos in general as much as me, and especially with our brand. In addition, I have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through common tastes—such as the cigar.


4 thoughts on “Libia Fernández, brand ambassador of La Aurora: “The cigar world does not separate men from women”

  1. Luis Reyes says:

    Blessings for you and your family Amen, iam selling la Aurora cigars 107 I am watching for my code it is not up in the system yet, bet they come to me and bringing me the product I also sell flavor cigars from la Aurora y want to get next level cigar the they say is only for shipping can you call me and be me Sensei have a great day great weekend

  2. Nikki Coulas says:

    As a woman who has enjoyed premium cigars for many years and even worked in a cigar store, I enjoyed reading about Libia. Thank you La Aurora for a woman ambassador!

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