La Aurora’s Brand Ambassador Libia Fernández, in ‘Cigarro Dominicano’

Libia in Cigarro Dominicano

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La Aurora Cigars’ Brand Ambassador, Libia Fernández, is the star of a beautiful article published in the first edition of the year of the magazine ‘Cigarro Dominicano’. This issue of the magazine, focused on women, on the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, dedicates two pages (34-35) to an interview with the first female brand ambassador in La Aurora.

During the interview, Libia Fernández explains how she became interested in the world of cigars. “My interest came about going for dinner with friends in Santiago. They lit up some cigars and I really liked the aroma and took it as an opportunity to try them for the first time, ”she tells to ‘Cigarro Dominicano’. And that first experience picqued her curiosity to learn about different blends and the tasting notes that are perceived when smoking.

Honor for representing a centennial factory

Libia en La Aurora

About being La Aurora’s first female Brand Ambassador, Libia says that this opportunity has been “very rewarding”. “Being Brand Ambassador for a historic company like La Aurora has given me the opportunity to live my passion and share it with our community,” she explains. And she continues: “It fills me with pride to represent women where men have traditionally been dominant, obviously this requires massive commitment in order to have a lasting impact”.

Her goal is to represent the La Aurora before its consumers to inform them about “the different products and unique experiences that only La Aurora can bring.” “This will allow me to interact directly with them, talking about the different products and the recommendations regarding the art of smoking, as well as answering their doubts and questions about this interesting world,” she details.

Our Brand Ambassador invites women to enter the journey of discovery the world of cigars

In this sense, she clarifies that her goal is to connect with all consumers regardless of their gender. “The wonderful world of cigars doesn’t pay attention to gender, all cigar smokers intersect in the interests regardless of them being men or women, ” she says. She invites women “to enter the journey of discovery in this world of cigars together and find your perfect match”.

In her opinion, many women smokers gear toward finos “because conventional vitolas a Little bit intimidating”. “But that’s where I come into the equation as a brand ambassador; guiding people by the hand as they get to know handmade cigars in Corona, Robusto, Figurados, and more”, explains Libia Fernández.

Among her favorite cigars are the León Jimenes Series 300. It’s a medium bodied cigar that she enjoys smoking routinely. For special occasions, she goes for La Aurora Hors D’Age. It is an extra aged cigar with creamy peppery notes and a touch of roasted coffee.

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  1. Mary Ann Herring says:

    Congrats ❤️ Always wonderful to see a sister of the leaf. Well done. Hope to meet you one day. Enjoy🦄😻

    • La Aurora Cigars says:

      Dear Mary,
      Thank you very much for her comment.
      Yes, it would be a pleasure for her to meet more sisters of the leaf.
      Kind regards

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