La Aurora, the most admired tobacco company in the Dominican Republic in 2018

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The ‘Mercado’ magazine, in its 403rdedition, published a ranking of the most admired tobacco companies in the Dominican Republic in 2018—those who enjoy the highest recognition in the Dominican market in their respective sectors. In the area of tobacco, La Aurora appears in first place, with 35,1 points, a considerable distance from the second place.

The article, entitled ‘Empresas que cambian el mundo’ (‘Companies that change the world’), pays tribute to the “outstanding corporate managements in terms of corporate responsibility and the positive impact they have in the communities where they operate”, as explained in the magazine.

In the editor’s note, it is emphasized that the companies that make this list are a reflection of a Dominican entrepreneur, “strongly committed to the country’s progress”. Among other issues, the article highlights the efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the projects that drive these companies.

“Their examples make us proud and confident that when good practices are implemented, results are multiplied”, says the magazine in the editor’s note, which it concludes by congratulating all the companies present in this ranking published in its first edition of the new year.

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