La Aurora Maduro 1985 Churchill, among the best cigars to light during the Super Bowl

La Aurora Barrel Aged by Karl Malone smoked to celebrate a win

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La Aurora Maduro 1985 Churchill is on a list of the 12 best long cigars to light while watching the Super Bowl. As this is a long game, “Cigar Aficionado” magazine created this list in order to help Premium cigar consumers enjoy their cigars while watching the sports event.

In what concerns La Aurora 1985 Maduro Churchill, the magazine explains that this cigar is composed of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. All these tobaccos are covered with a Brazilian dark wrapper.

In the text, ‘Cigar Aficionado’ also details that the number 1985 was the first year the Maduro’s Brazilian wrapper has been used to make cigars in our factory. Just like with the rest of the Original Blends cigars: Cameroon 1903, Corojo 1962, and Connecticut 1987.

In their tasting notes of December 2019, in which the magazine awarded it 90 points, it describes that La Aurora Maduro 1985 Churchill is wrapped in an “almost black” wrapper.
“This long cigar has a sweet and earthy character that combines notes of cocoa powder and wood with hints of brown sugar, which culminate in a licorice ending. The burn is clean and even,” they conclude.

Churchill: a perfect size for a long game

Summing up, ‘Cigar Aficionado’ considers the Churchill version of La Aurora Maduro 1985 a good choice to watch the big game held on Sunday, February 2.

“This long event offers family and friends the opportunity to come together to enjoy great food, great drinks and—for cigars lovers—excellent smokes,” says the author of the article, Andrew Nagy.

Alluding to the long duration of the Super Bowl, the reporter bets on Churchill sized cigars, as our La Aurora Maduro 1985, or double corona cigars. The 54th edition of this grand finale was held in the Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami, Florida, United States.

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