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La Aurora is featured once more in the ‘TopBrands’ publication of the Dominican Republic. Our company is among the 41 brands acknowledged by ‘Topbrands, the Book of the Leading Brands in the Dominican Republic’. Thus, La Aurora has been awarded this distinction in four consecutive editions of the book. It has been in ‘TopBrands’ in 2010, 2013 and 2016, and now in 2019.

This ongoing acknowledgement shows how valued our company is in the industry. ‘Topbrands’ highlights those exceptional brands that stand out as “superbrands,” by including them in this publication with several international editions.

In addition, this acknowledgement is a message for consumers who know they are buying the best brand in the category. Therefore, we celebrate the fact that, once again, La Aurora is a ‘Superbrand’ in the ‘TopBrands’ 2019 edition of the Dominican Republic.This year’s publication includes 41 local and international brands that operate in the country.

After an evaluation carried out by the Board of Experts, ‘TopBrands’ acknowledges companies based on their branding and marketing work. These specialists work independently. They are professionals and experts in sales, advertising and communication. Its members evaluate brands, both local and multinational, that offer bigger emotional and functional benefits than those offered by their competitors. This is why they are considered ‘TopBrands’.

The publication describes not only the brand, but also other interesting facts not known to the consumer. For example, it details aspects such as the market in which it competes, its history, its product, its relationship with the community, its value, its innovations and its numbers.

Criteria in which to excel to be featured among the ‘TopBrands’

‘TopBrands’ uses the following criteria to evaluate companies:

  • Market domain: whether the brand stands out in consumers’ minds.
  • Brand loyalty: consumers’ loyalty towards the brand, which may include being willing to pay more than they would for a competing product/service.
  • Longevity: the brand remains solid throughout the years and changes.
  • Communication: coherence in managing its networks and public communication.
  • General acceptance: the brand is distinguished and acknowledged, and easily recommendable.
  • Trust: due to its proven quality, consumers prefer the brand, because they get what they expect from it.
Topbrands Award
The head of the Department of Human Resources of La Aurora, Nora Colón, collects the book and the recognition to the factory in an event held in Santo Domingo.

The award ceremony of the publication took place in Santo Domingo

‘The Book of the Leading Brands in the Dominican Republic’ is made under the seal of the international brand certifier Superbrands UK. 7 ZERO STUDIO, ‘Superbrands’ Central America and Caribbean representatives, were responsible for the awarding the fifth edition of the prestigious publication.

In the award ceremony of the publication, held on 14 November at Epic Center, in Santo Domingo, the president of 7 ZERO STUDIO, Daniel Panedas, noted that this book includes “those brands that are icons for their solid path and value in the Dominican market.” “They offer significant advantages, rational and / or emotional, that motivate consumers to prefer their products or services over those of the competition,” he explains.

On her part, Director of TopBrands, Adriana Santa, emphasized that the Dominican Republic counts on very high-level companies that have set out to offer excellence and to reflect it in all aspects. “They are able to position their brands among the best. It is an honor for us to recognize this effort and to celebrate it with them,” she concluded.

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