La Aurora Hors d’Age, in the Top 20 cigars of 2021 of ‘Cigar & Spirits’

Hors d'Age

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Our La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age cigar is in the list of the best cigars of 2021 elaborated by the ‘Cigar & Spirits’ magazine. Specifically, its Toro format (6 x 54) is ranked number 12 in the Top 20 cigars of this publication.

‘Cigar & Spirits’ magazine explains that this cigar is composed of Ecuadorian tobaccos in the wrapper and binder, plus a filler with Colombian, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Its strength is 7.5 out of 10.

Top 20

La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age cigars are the result of an investment in time and premium tobacco. Specifically, we put 12 years into this cigar: from the time the tobacco seeds are planted until the cigar is rolled. The extra years of aging we put into its tobacco is part of the secret to its success.

La Aurora Hors d’Age, a creamy and aromatic smoke

As for the tobaccos that compose it, it is a complex blend from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Colombia and Ecuador. We always make a great effort to select top quality tobacco.

The smoke is very creamy and aromatic. At first, the cigar offers notes of black pepper. Later, woody notes begin to emerge, which are maintained throughout the smoke. It is enriched by nuances of cinnamon, nuts and citrus. It ends with a powerful finish with hints of roasted coffee.

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