La Aurora Hors d’Age 2017, a cigar made based in time

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One of our latest creations, La Aurora Hors d’Age 2017 Limited Edition, is a cigar that counts among its assets the time that has been invested in it: 12 years. This dedication makes it a Super Premium product, preserving the typical flavors and strength that characterize La Aurora.

“I want to present our new release of the Preferidos line, La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age. Tipically, the Preferidos line is aged at least eight years from seed until it is a product. In this cigar, we have invested in time. From seed to cigar, we have invested twelve years”, explains in this video our master blender, Manuel Inoa.


“Those typical flavors and strength that identify us are all impregnated in this precious cigar. Only 6.000 boxes have been launches in the entire international market. As you can see, there is this spectacularly beautiful cigar box accompanying those flavors, those smokes that typically identify us. I hope you enjoy it”, he adds.

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