La Aurora has been named among the best companies to work for in the Northern Region once again

La Aurora, entre las mejores para trabajar

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For yet another year, La Aurora Cigars is among the best companies to work for (MEPT) in the North Region of the Dominican Republic. Specifically, it has been named in the top three companies in the annual ranking of Mercado magazine.

La Aurora has climbed to the third position in 2021, rising two places compared to the previous year’s analysis. This is a result of our continuous efforts so that our employees can enjoy the best working conditions.

A good example of how we try to achieve this is that our factory is also in the top 3 companies in terms of training hours (45,122). In addition, it also ranks bronze in the number of women that are employed: 910.

Our dedication and effort so that the staff are in the best conditions and motivated in their work is reflected in their satisfaction. La Aurora is in the first position in terms of job satisfaction level of its employees; a massive 95%.

Trofeo La Aurora

Committed personnel, highly trained and passionate to strive towards excellence

“Its solid orientation to values, enormous prestige and presence in the world market have enabled its continuous and sustainable growth. Its strategy in this area has been very clear, having a committed, highly trained and passionate for excellence staff, which is why good business practices are promoted with adherence to the vision that inspires the firm”, highlights the publication on La Aurora.

To make this ranking – a classification of companies that have an impact on their employees’ culture and management – Mercado took into account the following company indicators:

  • Personnel management
  • Recruitment and evaluation policies
  • Training
  • Organizational culture
  • Work environment
  • New work parameters implemented by companies in the face of the new normal

As the magazine explains, an external jury (which is made up of experts in human resources, consultants, specialists in labor and legal issues) carry out a thorough analysis of each of the variables indicated in the participation forms of said companies, to establish the final ranking.

This recognition is added to those achieved in the previous six years in this same ranking. As in most of the previous editions, La Aurora is the first tobacco company in this business classification of Mercado magazine.

In addition, La Aurora was among the most admired companies in the Dominican Republic in 2019. The study to establish this was also carried out by Mercado magazine. It measured the prestige of companies in all sectors of the economy, “evaluating their innovative capacity, their quality, their solidity, their service and their environmental policies”, as explained by the publication itself.

And if that wasn’t honourable enough, in 2018 La Aurora was voted the most admired tobacco company in the Dominican Republic, according to the ranking published in the 403 edition of Mercado magazine. It was a ranking of the companies that enjoy the highest recognition in the Dominican market in their respective sectors.


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