La Aurora Dominican DNA and Manuel Inoa make the Russian market fall in love

Manuel Inoa

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Last July 21, a virtual event was held to introduce La Aurora Dominican DNA to the Russian market. The master blender of La Aurora, Manuel Inoa, explained all the details of the manufacture and tasting of this cigar during the event, organized by La Aurora and its distributor in Russia, the company Neska.

During the virtual meeting, held through the Zoom platform, Manuel Inoa explained the Andullo process, inherited from the Taino people, used for ageing the tobacco that is the soul of La Aurora Dominican DNA. It is a pre-Columbian method that gives a lot of strength and flavor to the tobacco.

Manuel explica sobre La Aurora ADN

The tobacco resulting from this process is difficult to work with and very exclusive in cigar making. For the tobacco used in this method, seeds of different varieties are selected and the land on which to grow them is chosen. When the tobacco plant is ready to be harvested, the Andullo technique begins—a process which usually takes about a year.

Specifically, this cigar consists of a tobacco wrapper from Valle del Cibao (Dominican Republic), a binder from Cameroon (Africa) and a filler with tobaccos from Nicaragua, Pennsylvania (United States) and Valle del Cibao (Dominican Republic). It is available in the Robusto, Toro, Gran Toro, and Churchill formats.

The “interesting” Andullo process

The success of this event for Russia is reflected in an article published in the Russian media, ‘’. After explaining what the meeting consisted of, the author of the text points out that the Andullo process is “quite interesting”, and then goes on to describe it. “The result is a dark, powerful and full-bodied tobacco that gives the cigar its character,” he says.

In addition, he applauded the opportunity to consume the tobacco in pure grade, thanks to the use of our Training Kit. “As part of the tasting, the tobacco from the Andullo was evaluated in its purest form, which turned out to be very informative,” the text of the Russian publication highlights. According to this article, “it is also interesting that only Ligero leaves are used for the La Aurora Dominican DNA cigar”.

Finally, the text qualifies our master blender as a “very nice and cheerful” person. Manuel Inoa invited all those present to come and visit the factory when the pandemic is over and when it is possible to travel worry-free. “There, you can see the whole traditional process we use to make our cigars with your own eyes,” Manuel invited them.

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