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With more than one billion cigars produced per year, over a thousand employees and 115 years of history, La Aurora has a lot to teach. In order to make high quality products, this family business is ruled by the values of honesty, integrity, passion for excellence and good business conduct with both suppliers and employees. All this was shown in a news story broadcasted more than three years ago in the “Big Brands RD” TV show, in Telesistema (Channel 11) about the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic.

The president of La Aurora, Guillermo León, explained in the news story how the company was founded in 1903 and why it was given the name La Aurora. “La Aurora means new dawn. In cigar boxes, part of our logo is a rising sun,” he said. He also gave viewers practical classes on cutting cigars and lighting them.

Encender cigarro

In turn, the Sales and Marketing Director of La Aurora, Gustavo Velayos, spoke about the company’s efforts to convey its “spirit”, not only its industrial processes. In order to do this, the company created La Aurora Cigar World, along with the Cigar Institute, in which courses in line with this project are given. You can also visit the plant’s facilities thanks to guided tours.

Besides presenting the high levels of cigar production—ten brands and nearly a thousand different references—Velayos talked about all the work that led La Aurora to develop their own rum. “La Aurora is a very dynamic company,” the Marketing Director summed up.

The master blender, constantly innovating

On the other hand, La Aurora’s master blender, Manuel Inoa, focused his speech on the show in explaining what an “aging room” is all about. This is a type of cellar where the humidity levels of the different types of tobaccos used in a cigar are combined. In addition, Inoa explained the work of the master blender. “We are constantly innovating and testing,” he said.

In the news story, the Processes Coordinator of La Aurora, Leoncio Cruz, explained everything that is related to the raw material, i.e., the tobacco plant. “The process of preparing the raw material for cigar manufacture is a bit long and complex,” Cruz said. He explained how the selection and treatment of seeds is made, as well as its cultivation and management, both in seedbeds and being carried to the field.


Finally, the Chief Operating Officer of La Aurora, Juan Ventura, explained the manufacturing process of handmade cigars. “It’s not an industrial process, it’s a handcraft process. It’s not a product made in mass production. The skill and dexterity of a tobacco-maker are necessary to make this product,” described Ventura, while emphasizing the pride, but also the challenges of being a global company, present in more than 65 countries.

4 thoughts on “La Aurora Cigars, in detail on TV

  1. Francisco Velayos Garcia del Pulgar says:

    La marca Aurora, es conocida a nivel internacional, por su calidad, cada vez mas en la linea con las mejores y mas conocidas del mundo. Se supera en todos los ordenes de fabricacion. A mayor abundamiento es de significar la magnifica labor que llevan a cabo los visitadores que controlan y ofertan el producto

    • La Aurora Cigars says:

      Hola Francisco. Muchas gracias por sus amables y bonitas palabras. Nos alegra el reconocimiento que hace de nuestro trabajo.

  2. Raymond von Rhine says:

    I would like to attend a cigar class . When would you be having back in person again ? Are there group rates ?
    Thank you,
    Raymond von Rhine

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