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“La Aurora is the benchmark of tobacco production in the Dominican Republic, not only because it offers a wide range of premium cigars, but also for the historical transcendence of the company”. Thus, begins a long and beautiful news story on La Aurora Cigars published in the ‘Adventure’ supplement of ‘Mercado’ magazine, in the 2018 October-November edition.

After an introduction in which the article’s authors discuss the Dominican Republic and its agricultural tradition, they will later focus on the importance of tobacco for the country. “Tobacco is deeply rooted in being Dominican, also, its cultural use dates back to the time of the Taino people”, the news story explains. So, the authors detail how some time after—upon the arrival of the Spaniards—the latter quickly adopted the use of tobacco and took it to the Old World. This is how tobacco has conquered the world.

The next aspect discussed in the text is the improvement of the cigar production craftsmanship. “In order to begin to understand the implications of this product, we must understand that it is a delicate task, which starts before planting”, the news story highlights. In fact, they discuss the processes of selecting tobacco varieties, caring for the plants in the field, the harvesting and drying of leaves, up to selecting the best leaves and creating the best combinations of leaves for cigars.

A modern company with a diversified offer

Subsequently, the article focuses on La Aurora, highlighting that its 115 years of existence certify “its followers’ recognition and the quality of its products”. “Nowadays, La Aurora is a modern company with a diversified offer, huge prestige and presence in markets around the world”, says the magazine, that also discusses La Aurora Cigar World, along with its main activities: the tour of the factory and the Cigar Institute.

Also, when talking about the long history of the company, the article highlights its successes and acknowledgements. Specifically, it highlights the laureate cigar released by the company on occasion of its 100th birthday, La Aurora 100 Años. In 2005, this cigar was deemed the best Dominican cigar in the world, according to the ‘Cigar Aficionado’ magazine.

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