La Aurora and the ‘Fundación Madre y Maestra’ sign an educational agreement

Convenio educativo

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Being committed to the development of our country and young people, we have signed an agreement with the ‘Fundación Madre y Maestra’ from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), in order to grant two university scholarships. One of the scholarships is aimed towards industrial engineering students, and the other is aimed towards those in mechatronics.

This opportunity will open the doors to new professionals who will help to promote the development of both our country and our businesses. At La Aurora, we strongly believe in the development of our local talent and the potential of our Dominican youth in order to make our nation the best it can be.

The agreement was signed by the president of La Aurora Cigars, Guillermo León, the director of operations of the factory, Juan B. Ventura, the president of the Fundación Madre y Maestra, Mercedes Carmen Capellán de Lama, and the executive director of the university, Edwin Hernández.

Reunión convenio

PUCMM is a non-state, Catholic institution serving the community. It was created by the Conference of the Dominican Episcopate on September 9th, 1962. It is an institution of higher education that emphasizes academic excellence and is open to all people without distinction of race, social class, ideology or religious beliefs. It focuses on the scientific search for solutions that respond to social problems and the demands of the common good.

La Aurora is the oldest Premium cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. It was founded on October 3rd, 1903 by Eduardo León Jimenes,  whose father and grandfather were both tobacco growers before him. Without neglecting his family tradition, he wanted to go one step further by creating a cigar brand which he aspired to take globally. Today, La Aurora distributes across five continents and has almost 2,000 employees.

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