“La Aurora, a key player in the Dominican tobacco industry”


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La Aurora Cigars is usually very present in the media. For the launch of new products, for its entry into new markets, for its international presence, for its long history, for the training of its members, for its quality craftsmanship … It is very common that the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic occupies a gap in specialized magazines.

In the March/April issue of ‘Tobacco Business’ magazine, a prominent column explains the history of the company since it was founded in 1903. The text – which is published in a report on the importance of the tobacco industry in the Dominican Republic – underscores the role of our company in the country’s tobacco sector.

“La Aurora was the Dominican Republic’s first cigar company, and it has played a crucial role in creating and sustaining the country’s deep roots to its history with cigars“, affirms the author of the article.


And he values that the factory continues to produce cigars in an artisanal way: “One of the great virtues of La Aurora Cigars is that during the course of its long history, it managed to maintain the same traditions surrounding the development of its cigars that it launched its business with over a century ago”, say the authors of the article.

“Unquestionable” quality of La Aurora cigars

In his opinion, this cocktail of experience, knowledge and craftsmanship when making cigars have made La Aurora a fundamental and highly valued pillar, both in the country and outside the Dominican Republic. “After 115 years of business, the company has proven itself to be a key player in the Dominican tobacco industry, with know-how and skilled artisans putting the company and its products on the map”, pick up the text.

All this, results in exceptional quality cigars. “The indisputable quality of La Aurora cigars has made cigar enthusiasts seek out many of its highly rated cigars“, the author of the report stand out.

2 thoughts on ““La Aurora, a key player in the Dominican tobacco industry”

  1. Daniel Silveria says:

    We were blessed to visit your factory while on a cruise with Princess cruise lines. While there, your guide, explained everything in wonderful, and most enjoyable, detail. We were also able to purchase some items but they were stolen while we were aboard the ship. Is it possible for me to purchase cigars, and other items from you directly? Thank you, Dan Silveria

    • La Aurora Cigars says:

      Hello, thank you very much for visiting us. We are glad to hear you enjoyed your visit. We are sorry to hear about what happened to you. We do not sell directly to consumers, except in our factory store. For this, we have distribution companies in the different countries. If you tell us from which country you are writing to us, we can provide you with the distributor’s details so that they can tell you where to buy our cigars. Thank you very much for your interest in our brand

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