La Aurora 120th Anniversary Limited Edition box and tubes, in the Top 10 of 2023

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The box and tubes of La Aurora 120 Aniversario Edición Limitada cigars are in the Top 10 best cigar presentations of 2023 according to ‘Halfwheel’. The magazine highlights the originality of the coffin-style opening tube in which comes the Perfecto format (double figured) of our cigar commemorating our 120 years of history.

Specifically, it explains that one of the five sizes of La Aurora 120 Aniversario is a double figurado, also known as Preferido, but instead of the normal two-piece tube that we use for other Preferidos, we have used a metal coffin with a hinged opening, as a throwback to the past, to how Preferido cigars were initially presented. Inside each tube is a 58 x 1 Preferidos #6 vitola.

“I don’t recall ever seeing anything like the coffin that houses the 120th Anniversary Limited Edition,” says the article’s author, Brian Burt. He adds that “at 92 g, it is also one of the heaviest coffins ever used to hold a cigar.” “The coffins are so heavy that it’s hard to tell if they are empty or have a cigar in them just by lifting them,” he describes.

As for the box of ten cigars that this limited edition is presented in, it has a lid that is split in half and opens via hinges attached to the base of the box. “Topped off with a rose gold-colored medallion adorning the lid and rose gold-colored hardware, the whole presentation is impressive and something that will easily catch your eye on the humidor shelf,” stresses the author of the text, noting that this is a limited edition of 2,500 boxes.

Thus, the box and tubes in which La Aurora 120 Aniversario Edición Limitada comes in the eighth place in the ‘Packaging Awards 2023’ of ‘Halfwheel’. To be on this list, the packaging must have been launched in the year of the awards, be a new design, a member of the judging panel must have seen it in person and retailer exclusives are allowed.

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